The Pull Shot

Introduction: An attacking shot played with a horizontal bat to hit the ball on the leg side.

Where is it used: The pull shot is an attacking shot played to a ball that reaches the batsman around waist height.

Pull Shot

Coaching Points

  1. Swing the bat back while moving your back foot to get your head in line with the ball.
  2. Step with the front foot so your chest is facing the bowler.
  3. Swing the bat across your body, aiming to hit the ball along the ground.

ABSTAIN from hitting the ball in the air.

PROTECT your wickets, don’t step back too far back or you may hit the stumps.



Pull Shot Lord's GameSplit the group into two teams – a batting team and a fielding team.

The fielding team defend the three lines of cones that are placed in the leg side, while the batsman try to hit the ball as far along the ground through these lines as possible.

The batsman hits the ball off a tee placed on top of a stump using the pull shot.

Each batsman has set number of goes.

  • 1 run scored if ball hit past first line of cones
  • 2 runs scored if ball hit past second line of cones
  • 4 runs scored if ball hit past final line of cones

Fielders position themselves inside the scoring zone to prevent runs. Once the ball is stopped it should be returned to the batsman so the next shot can be played.

The team with the highest score at the end is the winner.