Assessing and managing risk

Assessing and managing risk is the responsibility of the coach, it is important that we keep our players and ourselves safe.

  • Equipment – is it suitable for our players? Is it in good working order?
  • Environment – are there any hazards in or near our playing area? What is the weather like?
  • Organisation – how close together are our players or groups? What direction is the ball going?
  • Time – how much time do we have to run the session? Have our players had enough time to rest and recover?

To manage risk we can:

  • Remove the risk – eg rubbish or stones in the playing area
  • Avoid the risk – eg a nearby ditch or wire fence
  • Reduce the risk – eg using kit suitable for our players
  • Accept the risk – sometimes we must accept small risks!

We can remember these stages using the nemonic RARA – Remove, Avoid, Reduce, Accept.