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Running Between The Wickets

In cricket batsman score runs by running between the wickets and changing ends with their partner. In order to score the most number of runs batsman can use several techniques to be as quick as possible.

Backing up

backingupThe batsman who is not about to hit the ball (the non-striker) can be prepared to run by backing up.

Coaching points

  1. Stand outside the batting box so you are facing where the bowler will release the ball make sure the bat is touching the ground inside the batting box.
  2. As the bowler releases the ball start walking towards the other end, waiting to decide if you should run.


turningWhen batsman run more than one run using correct turning technique can make them quicker between the wickets.

Coaching points

  1. As you approach the batting box get low to the ground and move your bat into one hand.
  2. Slide the bat along the ground so it just passes inside the box and turn to begin the next run.


Running Between The Wickets TestSplit the group into two teams, a batting team and a fielding team. Batsmen line up at one end of the wicket, with the first batsman backing up.

Fielders make a semi circle around the wicket.

The first batsman begins running while fielders throw catches to each other along the line. Once the batsman
has run two the next batsman starts running.

When the ball gets to the last fielder the batsmen must stop running.

After each round the teams switch over. The team with the most completed runs wins!

Change the test by

  1. Batsmen always turning and backing-up facing where the ball is.
  2. Fielders throwing the ball along the line several times, giving thebatsmen more time to run.

ABSTAIN from running until the batsman before you has completed their second run.

BE FAITHFUL to your team when catching – throw it straight to the next person in the line.