Overarm Throw

Introduction: This is a fielding skill used to throw the ball quickly and accurately to the wicketkeeper, bowler or the stumps.

Where is it used: It is used when far away from the batsman to stop runs or run them out.

Overarm Throw

Coaching Points

  1. Stand side-on to the target with your feet a big step apart.
  2. Raise your throwing arm behind you with
    the elbow above your shoulder and point the non-throwing arm at the target.
  3. Throw the ball, finishing with your chest facing the target.

ABSTAIN from throwing the ball with your chest facing the target – make sure you start side-on.

PROTECT yourself, keep the elbow of your throwing arm above your shoulder to avoid injury.



CrossfireThis test is to encourage players to throw the ball powerfully and accurately at the stumps using the overarm throw.

Place the stump sets and other targets (eg balls balanced on cones) side-by- side 3m-5m apart and 10m from each group, with a line for each group to stand behind.

Players throw overarm at the stumps. The winner is the team that knocks the most stumps over/balls off their cones.

PROTECT yourself – throw from behind the line.

Target Throwing

Throwing at TargetsPlayers starts at the first cone and throw overarm at the stumps. When they hit they move back to the next cone. This can be run as a team relay or as an individual test.

Players can test themselves by seeing:

  • How many cones back they can get in a certain number of throws
  • How many cones back they can get in a set amount of time
  • In a race, which person/team it is the first to hit the stumps from furthest cone

ABSTAIN from rushing – take a second to aim.