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One Handed Intercept

Introduction: This is a fielding skill used to pick the ball up at close range and throw it to the wicketkeeper, bowler or at the stumps.

Where is it used: It is used to stop batsmen running a single or to attempt a run out.

Underarm Throw

Coaching Points

  1. Move quickly to the ball, getting into a low and balanced position.
  2. Pick the ball up with one hand, fingers pointing down and palm facing the ball.
  3. Throw the ball underarm at the stumps and keep your body moving towards the target.

ABSTAIN from waiting for the ball, make sure you run towards it.

BE FAITHFUL to the wicketkeeper, make sure the throw goes to the top of the stumps.


One Handed Intercept Test

One Handed Intercept Test

Divide the group into teams, one for each set of stumps. Set up a relay, placing a ball between the cone goal.

On the shout of “go!” the first person from each team runs out, collects the ball with the one handed intercept and throws the ball either at the stumps or to the wicket keeper.

The first team to hit the stumps (either directly or through the wicketkeeper) wins a point.

Repeat until everyone has had a turn, the team with the most points wins. Increase the challenge by having the wicketkeeper roll the ball towards their teammate, who must stop the ball before it gets through the goal.

BE FAITHFUL to the call of “go!” – don’t run too early.