Non-Stop Cricket

Nonstop CricketDivide the group into two equal teams.

Each team bats for a set amount of time.

The bowler bowls over or underarm from behind the bowling cone, bowling six deliveries before a new bowler bowls.

The batsman has to run whether or not the ball is hit, and may run more than once.

The batsman has to run around a cone to score a run.

Fielders throw the ball back to the bowler as quickly as possible, who bowls when ready.

The batsman is out when bowled, caught or hit wicket, and the next batsman moves in quickly to take their place.

A batsman who is not out after facing six balls must change with the next batsman. The team with the most runs at the end of their time wins.

BE FAITHFUL to the rules – run all the way around the cone to complete a run.

PROTECT your stumps – don’t try and attack every ball.