Lord’s Game

Lords GameSplit the group into two teams – a batting team and a fielding team. The fielding team defend the three lines of cones that are placed straight, while the batsman try to hit the ball as far along the ground through these lines as possible.

Each batsman has a set number of goes.

The batsman uses the front foot drive to hit the ball from a cone placed in front of them.

  • 1 run scored if the ball is hit past first line of cones
  • 2 runs scored if the ball is hit past second line of cones
  • 4 runs scored if the ball is hit past final line of cones

Batsman can score an additional run by running to a gate of cones and back to the stumps, or an additional 2 runs by running to a second gate of cones and back.

Fielders position themselves inside the scoring zone to prevent runs. Once the ball is stopped it should be thrown as quickly as possible to the nearest wicketkeeper, trying to beat the runner and stop the batsman scoring the additional runs.