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Long Barrier

Introduction: This is a fielding skill used to stop the ball in the field.

Where is it used: It is used when fielding far away away from the batsman or on uneven surfaces.

Coaching Points

  1. Move to the line of the ball, getting into a low and balanced position.
  2. Get sideways to the ball and kneel, creating a barrier with no gap between your knee and heel.
  3. Keeping your eye on the ball, collect the ball with fingers pointing down.

Long Barrier

ABSTAIN from kneeling too early, make sure you know where the ball is going.

PROTECT the field by making sure there are no gaps between your heel and knee that the ball could get through.


Set up in pairs or relay groups, with one ball between each pair.

Mark out goals at least 8 metres away from each other.

Pairs try to roll the ball past their partner and through the goal, while their partner uses the long barrier to defend the goal.

See who can get the most goals in a set time, or who can be the first to 10 goals.

Change the difficulty of the test by changing the size of the goal.

long Barrier Tests

Make this into a team test by having many fielders defending a larger goal, use several balls and make sure players talk to their team mates so they do not run into each other.

BE FAITHFUL to your partner by rolling the ball underarm along the ground.

PROTECT the goal – move quickly to the line of the ball and make sure there is no gap in your long barrier.