Leg Spin Bowling

Leg spin (or for left-handed bowlers – left arm wrist spin) is a form of spin bowling that mostly uses the wrist to spin the ball. Whenever bowling spin the aim is to get the ball to spin as quickly as possible in the air.

Legspin GripGrip

Leg spin uses three fingers to grip the ball, with the third finger running along the length of the seam .

Spinning the ball

As you release the ball, flick the wrist so that the first finger is moving towards the thumb, rolling the ball off the third finger.


Begin by facing your partner and throwing the ball underarm with one bounce, trying to get the ball to spin as quickly as possible off the third finger.

Stand sideways on to your partner as if in the bowling base, throw the ball underarm from waist-height, again trying to get the ball to spin quickly.

Bowl from the base position to your partner, releasing the ball with a straight arm and following through powerfully so shoulders and hips rotate.


LegSpin TestsWhen initially learning how to spin the ball, we test how much players can turn the ball when throwing it. Lay a series of cones or other markers along the ground. Players test themselves by trying to bounce the ball one side of the markers and getting the ball to turn over the most markers possible.

Once players have learnt to bowl the ball the same test can be introduced over a bowling distance of 16-18 metres, as well as adding stumps that the bowler might also aim to hit.

Spin bowlers should always be encouraged to focus on trying to get the ball to turn as much as possible first, before working on accuracy.

ABSTAIN from bending the arm if testing how much players can spin the ball while bowling.