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High Catch

High Catch 1 HIgh Catch 2Introduction: The high catch is a fielding skill used to catch a ball that is above waist height.

Where is it used: Anywhere when the ball has been hit high in the air.

Coaching Points

  1. Move quickly to get under the ball.
  2. Catch the ball at eye-level with hands together, fingers pointing away.
  3. As you catch the ball bring your hands towards your body.

BE FAITHFUL keep watching the ball at all times.

PROTECT yourself by pointing your fingers away from your body to avoid injury.

High Catching Tests

When catching in pairs or relays players can complete many different tests:

  • How many high catches can you and your partner complete in a row without dropping
    the ball?
  • Can you throw 10 catches for your partner so they have to come forward to catch the ball each time?
  • Can you start with your partner next to you and throw 10 high-catches for your partner to catch over their shoulder?
  • How high can your partner throw the ball and you still catch it?
  • How many times can you clap while the ball is in the air before catching it?

BE FAITHFUL to your partner by throwing the ball high enough so they can move to be underneath the ball.

PROTECT your partner and teammates by not throwing the ball in the way of other groups.