Diamond Cricket

Diamond CricketDivide players into teams of 4. Start with one team batting, one batsman at each base. Have one team acting as wicket-keepers, one at each base.

All remaining teams act as fielders, who stand outside the diamond, or the bowler, who stands in the centre of the diamond.

As soon as they have the ball the bowler bowls at any wicket. All batsman run anti-clockwise when the ball is hit, while the fielders return the ball to the bowler. The batting team score a run every time all the batsman safely get to the next base.

Batsman are out when caught, bowled or they hit their wicket.

Teams can either bat for a set number of balls, losing 2 runs every time someone is out, or bat for as long as possible but have a set number of lives, losing one each time they are out.

The team with the most runs wins.

BE FAITHFUL to your teammates when batting – only run more than one run if everyone can get safely home.

PROTECT yourself when fielding – don’t go into the diamond unless you are the bowler.