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Close Catch

close-combinedIntroduction: The close catch is a fielding skill used to catch a ball that is waist height or lower.

Where is it used: This is normally used when fielding close to the batsman, e.g. wicketkeeper or slip.

Coaching Points

  1. Catch the ball with your hands together, fingers pointing down.
  2. Stand with your feet a comfortable step apart, knees bent.
  3. Watch the ball all the way into your hands.

ABSTAIN from using one hand, always use two if you can.

PROTECT yourself by pointing your fingers down to avoid injury.


closetest1Quick-fire Tests

While catching in pairs or relays players can complete many different tests:

  • How many catches can you take in 1 minute? Can you repeat that test and beat your previous score?
  • How quickly can you take 20, 50, 100 catches? Race against the other pairs or teams.
  • Can you take 20 catches in a row with just your right hand? Then your left hand?
  • Can you take 20 catches in a row, clapping before each catch?
  • Can you work with two balls in your pair or group, throwing and catching at the same time?
  • Can you take 5 catches with your partner, then switch places and take 4 catches, repeating for 3, 2 and 1 catches

BE FAITHFUL to your partner or team and throw it straight to them

distractionDistraction Catching

Form a circle, with players in pairs stood on opposite sides of the circle. Pairs have one ball each and throw the ball across the circle to their partner. They can then complete any of the challenges in the Quick-fire Tests.

BE FAITHFUL there are many distractions in this game as there are many distractions in life – we must focus on just our partner.