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Basic Bowling

Bowling is how we begin each ball in cricket. Bowling is a skill that is unique to cricket. The arm is straight as the arm passes over the shoulder and as the ball is released.

Bowling GripThe Grip

When first learning to bowl players should use the basic bowling grip, with the first two fingers on the top of the ball running along the seam, and the thumb underneath.

Some players may naturally bowl spin and in those cases this should be encouraged. Spin bowling uses different grips. See: Off spin bowling and Leg spin bowling


Introduction: Bowling is a skill used in cricket
to send the ball towards the batsman. Bowlers are trying to get the batsmen out and stop them scoring runs.

Where is it used: Bowling from the base position is a simple way to bowl that focuses on the most important part of bowling – keeping the arm straight.

Basic Bowling

Coaching Points

  1. Stand side-on to the target, feet apart.
  2. Stretch the bowling arm straight behind you and raise the non-bowling arm up, pointing towards the target.
  3. Keeping the bowling arm straight, swing it over your shoulder and finish across your body.

ABSTAIN from bending your arm, keep it straight.

BE FAITHFUL to the technique, make sure everything is moving towards the target.

PROTECT your shoulder by using the non-bowling arm to add extra power.

Once players have mastered bowling from the base they should progress to including a run-up and bound.


Divide the group into teams – one team for each set of stumps. Run a bowling relay, with the bowler replacing the wicketkeeper after each ball.

Bwling TestsTarget bowling – hit the stumps

Bowlers aim to hit two stump sets placed side by side with one bounce. Every time the stumps are hit remove one stump. The first team to hit the stumps six times and remove all six stumps is the winner.

Target bowling – in the box

Bowlers aim to bounce the ball first time into a square of cones placed in front of the stumps. Coaches can set different point systems:

  • Award teams a point for
    landing the ball in the box, the team who can get the most points in a set time wins.
  • Award teams 2 points for landing the ball in the box and 1 point for hitting the stumps, the team who can get the most points in a set time wins.
  • Put more cones in the box. Every time the ball hits a cone remove that cone – the first team to clear all their cones wins.

ABSTAIN from bending your arm, keep it straight.